The developed unified theory of field and matter lets describe natural phenomena with the help of hypothetical particles called "aya".

Some remarks about the present state of modern science. Without a criticism of the present state of things one cannot propose anything new.

1. Elementary particle electron emits and absorbs another elementary particle photon. Electron is either not elementary, or it cannot emit, or absorb.

2. Materialism had been most lucidly and precisely described by Lucrecius: "Only a body can have affect or could be affected".

What is the principal mechanism of the "physics" of space-time? The Holy Spirit!? What is being twisted in space-time?

How does the curvature of space-time affect a material body? Though (there's the Internet link): "It's supposed, that some space-time scale levels exist, that have a discrete structure. Various deviations from the periodic structure of levels is interpreted as matter and physical fields".

3. A body tends to keep a place with the minimal energy and to keep the state Does the body purposefully have a will?

4. Two bodies (particles) attract to each other

How (at what handle) can one body attract another?

5. The observable red shift within the spectra of far-away galaxies has brought with it a version of "creation of the world": Big bang expanding universe "mean density of matter in the Universe"!

"We must be thankful to Almighty, that He created the world so, that all the simple is the truth, and all the complex a lye" (G.Skovoroda).

I give a list of some of the problems, solved by the theory.

The aya particle

(Materialization of the Planck constant)

- atom of pre-matter, atom of energy:

mass m =7,37*10-51kg;

speed c=2,99*108m/s;

momentum = 2,21*10-42N*s;

energy = 6,626*10-34J.

Physical field (the Ether) =

Isotropic field of rarefied particles aya, flying in all possible directions.

Perturbations (fluctuations) directed fluxes of aya, flying in all possible directions.


energy: - directed flow (the charge) of aya.

For visible light ~ 1014 aya/sec.

A not body-like conception of frequency we'll substitute by charge a calibrated in time directed flow of material aya.


In time of its spreading from the faraway galaxies photon due to a small shift of velocities from solitary aya is being enlarged in space. The farther if the galaxy the mere "red" the photon becomes.

On the shift in velocities aya react velocities of electrons with which they've had to interact: at the time of head movement +Δc;

when interacting with the going away electron Δc.

So the red shift depends on the distance and temperature of the object of emission.


Electron consists of N aya.

Chinese philosopher Van Shun (27-97) thought that the material basis of the world is some material substance "TSI", filling all the space. It exists in two basic states: in dense (in the form of bodies) and rarefied (in the form of the cosmic Ether).

How many aya take part in formation of electron?

"To interact, or take part in an interaction can only a body". (Lucrecius).

Total energy of electron is equal to total energy of aya, forming it:

Let us multiply the left-hand side of the equation by and the right-hand side by t and taking into consideration, that , we obtain the result:


We can find that in formation of electron take part:


So, aya/sec falls on the electron. It disperses them and doesn't let them fly in the direction they would follow, not having met it.

When the electron oscillates (up down) it will let pass ("emit") in horizontal direction (to one side) chunks of aya/sec.

"Virtual" photons.

The dispersed by electron photons (the density of the dispersed aya falls down proportionally to the second order of distance) on small distances represent the remnants of the real photons, by exchanging with which the electrons push through with the force proportional to the minus second order of the distance.

The laws of mechanics.

Let us notice that the charge of aya F=pν.

When the body moves, the force of aya coming the other way (hampering the movement) enlarges and the force of passing aya (pushing the body on) drops (due to the Doppler effect).

After some not very complicate calculations we get the resulting force of the aya when the body moves with acceleration:

. As one can easily see it is proportional to the bodies' mass and acceleration.

The "making more massive part" relates not to the mass, but to the difference between the action of the passing and coming the other way aya.

So, the body is not "trying", but the Ether is hampering the body's movement. If we take into consideration this effect, the body won't be able to move evenly - the Ether won't let it do it.

The educated reader would retort that the Earth moves! (such a retort was made by Feinmann).

Yes, the Earth moves, but on an elliptical orbit, i.e. it is making the rotative - oscilative movement. The Solar system exists just because it is "resonant". All the system!


The rarefied aya "absorbed" by the body, circulating among the structural particles of the body (electrons, nucleons), becoming denser, make the exchanging field, forming the body from within.

Different oscillations of the structural particles (including atoms and molecules) force emission of the dense parts of aya. A part of the absorbed aya is used for growing the mass of the body.

These two factors make it so that the external exchange field of the material body is not uniform and the isotropic part of the exchange field is smaller than these of the external field.

The nonuniformity of the exchange field makes it so that for the microworld the action of the field has a behavoristic character and depends on the dimensions of the particles. This is more clearly seen in the distribution of the air molecules in the Earth's atmosphere.

In conclusion I propose to the reader to explain the rotation and the nature of magnetic field of the Earth.

I invite for cooperation physicists, chemists, astrophysicists and another scientists.


One should take a tube condensator (d ~ 10 cm, l ~ 2-3 m), charge it and situate if from the West to the East and connect a sensitive electrometers to its ends. Then, at Noon when the Western end of the condensator will be ahead in the orbital movement of the Earth and the Eastern behind, the aya coming the other way will "blow away" the charge of the electrons to the Eastern end and the Eastern electrometer will show the greater charge, than the Western one.

At midnight, in reverse, the Western electrometer will show the greater charge, than the Eastern.

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